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Serving five major industries

Internet industry, Financial sector, Government and enterprise industries, Operator/Third Party Data center service provider, OEM/ODM manufacturers

Full Life-cycle products and services

Cloud operation and maintenance services, Jufu delivery service, Equipment integration services, supply chain services, Yifu Lida, New energy services, software service, AIGC basic services

Three core competencies

Global customizable delivery capabilities, Global operations management capabilities, Global AIGC basic solutions,

Global delivery platform

5 overseas regions, 30+ global branches, and 100+ branches and service outlets in countries and regions Southeast Asia Region European Region Americas Region East Asia Region Middle East and Africa

IDC full life cycle services


Provide smart services for the cloud

Founded in March 2005, EZSVS is the industry's leading professional IDC customized service provider. Since its establishment, EZSVS has been committed to providing customized services throughout the entire life cycle of data centers, covering data center consulting and design, construction and delivery, overall operations, optimization and transformation, edge computing and other services, and has created an industry-recognized data center service platform. At present, EZSVS has established branches and service outlets in more than 100 countries and regions including Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, India, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Dubai, and Vietnam. It is a member of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, High-quality service provider for customers such as Line, Softbank, Global Switch, DIGITAL REALTY Equinix, Bigo, HGC, etc.


Make IT Services Easier


Provide Smart Services for Cloud

Core value:

Sincerity,Simplicity, Excellence, Exclusive

Cloud smart services

IT and infrastructure operation and maintenance

IDC Construction Services

Integrated cabling, migration services, computer room engineering


Data center

Full Life-cycle products and services

Equipment integration services

Equipment life cycle management



We are keeping innovating

Supply chain services

Multifunctional warehouse (disassembly and modification, warehousing and logistics, maintenance and spare parts)

Global IT platform

Internet platform providing IT services

New energy services

Charging pile installation and operation and maintenance services

Software service

Customized software system development

AIGC services

Computing infrastructure services



National employees



Business radiates to many countries and regions around the world



Global equipment operation and maintenance experience



Equipment delivery experience

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    Founded in 2017, EZSVS JP is dedicated to providing end-to-end
    comprehensive data center lifecycle services for clients in the internet,
    OEM/ODM server manufacturing, and telecommunications sectors.
    We collaborate extensively with ecosystem partners,offering
    services related to infrastructure,supply chain,project implementation,
    IT operations, and cloud intelligence.

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    EZSVS is one of Singapore’s leading Internet Data Center (IDC) support service providers
    with various branches in over 60 countries, catering to customers requiring innovative IT
    solutions worldwide.

    With our combined 16 years in the industry and technical experience,
    EZSVS is able to provide our customers simple and hassle-free IT support and maintenance services.

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