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EZSVS EHS Management Policy

I. EHS Management Policy

EZSVS adheres to a people-oriented EHS philosophy, upholds the principles of safety first, prevention first and integrated governance, seeks to adopt scientific and systematic management methods for the company’s EHS governance, and continuously improves the EHS management level to protect the personal safety and health of employees, company property and the environment, and fulfill social responsibility.

  1. II. EHS Policy
  2. The company advocates that employees should not only maintain physical health, but also adjust their mentality, cultivate themselves inside and out, and take on work, customers and life with a positive and sunny mentality and spirit, to lead a healthy life and have a bright future.
  3. The company encourages employees to participate in beneficial sports activities, and regularly organizes group sports projects. The company has specially set up designated awards and incentives for such sports activities.
  4. The company encourages employees to gain more knowledge through books and media, and regularly organizes holiday activities such as “Riddle Guessing”, “Reading Club” and other activities. The company believes that the enrichment and health of the mind is crucial. As the saying goes, changing your mentality can change your life. By reading more books and doing sports, one can absorb others’ insights and experience, strengthen one’s physique, and thus relax and balance one’s mentality to work and live in a healthier way.
  5. All employees must receive strict safety concept and safety knowledge training when joining the company. Only after recognizing the company’s safety concepts and passing the training can they start working.
  6. When off work or working outside, all employees must strictly abide by traffic rules, not illegally cross roads, run red lights, speed, and drivers and co-drivers must fasten their seat belts.
  7. The procurement and layout of office equipment must take into account the personal safety of employees and visitors, and avoid sharp and angular objects on office equipment.
  8. All employees must be familiar with the building evacuation routes and locations of fire extinguishers. In the event of a fire, earthquake or other emergency, they should evacuate safely under the coordination of the company’s emergency response team according to the emergency response plan, and send the injured to the hospital for first aid.
  9. The company strives to become a corporate citizen with a sense of social responsibility, requiring the company and its employees to have environmental awareness in operation and work.
  10. When the company purchases supplies and products involving environmental factors, it first chooses suppliers and products with environmental certification and environmental management system certification.
  11. In the office process, reduce the use of printers and copiers to save ink and toner cartridges, use office supplies economically, practice double-sided printing, save water and electricity, and reduce energy waste.
  12. The company’s employees must strictly abide by Party A’s EHS rules and regulations when visiting Party A’s customers or working on Party A’s premises.

III. Management Objectives

  1. Zero omissions in annual EHS incident reporting.
  2. 100% coverage of EHS publicity among all employees.
  3. 100% empowerment coverage of EHS managers.
  4. Organize induction EHS knowledge training for new employees on a regular basis, with 100% passing rate.
  5. Emergency handling meets standards, achieves 15-minute reporting, ensures normal operation of the system, and prevents escalation.
  6. 100% completion rate of hidden danger rectification every year.
  7. Organize at least 2 emergency drills in different scenarios every year.
  8. 100% coverage of EHS employee interviews every quarter.
  9. 100% coverage of health checks for Alibaba employees.

IV. Assessment Criteria

In safety management, consciously fulfill one’s own safety responsibilities, regularly check the implementation, assign corresponding responsible persons against EHS objectives, and implement linked management with KPI to deduct performance accordingly for the responsible persons.

  1. Assessment Cycle: Quarterly cycle, specifically integrated into the performance appraisal forms of each position;
  2. Assessment Relationship: Direct superiors assess subordinates, EHS interfaces are responsible for providing assessment basis and supervising the implementation of assessment results;
  3. Assessment objectives and linked KPI rewards and punishments are detailed as follows:
ResponsibleTarget breakdown
Related KPIs
EHS interface person1. Compliance obligation fulfillment rate is 100%;10%
2. Establish reasonable processes and systems to promote the implementation of the system;10%
3. Report to Alibaba Cloud outsourcing management side within 15 minutes, and no EHS incidents are missed;10%
4. Guide the handling of EHS incidents, and there will be no escalation of accidents;10%
5. Emergency drills are conducted at least twice a year;10%
6. 100% coverage of publicity for all employees;5%
7. The pass rate of EHS knowledge training for new employees is 100%;5%

EHS general manager/emergency team leader
1. Guide the handling of EHS incidents, and the accident will not escalate;10%
2. Promote the implementation of the department’s EHS special work with zero delays;10%
3. Assist the EHS interface person in making decisions, approvals, and authorization of major events;10%
Regional project manager1. Assist the department to implement EHS promotion content;10%
2. Regional resource coordination responds in 1 minute and is in place in 4 minutes;10%
3. 100% emergency response response;5%
4. The rectification rate of hidden dangers in the computer room is 95%;5%
Backend support group1. Assist in the formulation, proofreading, confirmation and timely issuance of EHS department documents;5%
2. The completion rate of employee work-related injury identification and social security/commercial insurance processing is 100%;5%
3. Responsible for coordinating other staff in the back-end support team to provide support to the EHS department;10%
Machine room team leader/team member1. Report EHS incidents proactively and promptly with zero omissions;10%1. Those who report immediately and perform outstanding rescue work will be rewarded 100-500 yuan; 2. Annual performance appraisal will be given priority as a bonus item for promotion/salary increase;
2. EHS system implementation rate is 100%;5%
3. Arrive at the scene within 4 minutes after an EHS emergency occurs to participate in the rescue, prevent the situation from escalating, and control the scene;5%

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