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EZSVS customized and assembled servers for a multimedia client using decommissioned equipment from a major manufacturer. Additionally, EZSVS provided a one-year warranty for the client, resulting in nearly $10,000 in cost savings per server for the customer’s procurement expenses.

Customer Pain Points: The customer faces high costs for purchasing new machines, leading to lower profit estimates for an ongoing project.

Customer Needs: The client requires computer equipment that meets functional requirements and can withstand high-pressure work environments.

What We Offered: Ezsvs customized and upgraded servers from a large enterprise, which were regularly decommissioned and only used for three years. These servers were tailored to meet the client’s specifications, underwent thorough testing, and were assembled to create refurbished servers. We provided the client with a one-year warranty on the entire system. Ezsvs not only offered more affordable second-hand servers but also collaborated with the client to contribute to carbon emission reduction and resource recycling efforts.

Issues Addressed: The client’s provided models were outdated, and the high prices of new machines were impacting the profit estimates for the ongoing project. We helped them acquire superior machines at more favorable prices, significantly increasing the client’s profit margins.

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Founded in 2017, EZSVS JP is dedicated to providing end-to-end
comprehensive data center lifecycle services for clients in the internet,
OEM/ODM server manufacturing, and telecommunications sectors.
We collaborate extensively with ecosystem partners,offering
services related to infrastructure,supply chain,project implementation,
IT operations, and cloud intelligence.

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EZSVS is one of Singapore’s leading Internet Data Center (IDC) support service providers
with various branches in over 60 countries, catering to customers requiring innovative IT
solutions worldwide.

With our combined 16 years in the industry and technical experience,
EZSVS is able to provide our customers simple and hassle-free IT support and maintenance services.

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