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Ezsvs facilitates global carbon neutrality through the recycling of IT equipment resources.   Maximize the value of second-hand equipment and reduce carbon emissions. EZSVS is actively working towards promoting the recycling of IT equipment in various large

EZSVS customized and assembled servers for a multimedia client using decommissioned equipment from a major manufacturer. Additionally, EZSVS provided a one-year warranty for the client, resulting in nearly $10,000 in cost savings per server for the customer's

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EZSVS EHS Management Policy I. EHS Management Policy EZSVS adheres to a people-oriented EHS philosophy, upholds the principles of safety first, prevention first and integrated governance, seeks to adopt scientific and systematic management methods for the company's

EZSVS EZSVS October 22, 2020 0 Comments

Key Members of Ezsvs India Branch: JAFARALI SAEED SAYYED:  Designation: Director More than 10 years of experience in Management , Chinese language expert, and IT industry.  Have done MBA, HSK5 and CCNA this kind of major courses. 

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