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Elevate your career path by joining our group of expert individuals, always embracing dynamic ideas and taking IT solutions to greater heights. EZSVS values our staff and continues to strive towards excellence together as a team. Underlying the importance of a proper work-life balance, we believe that happy employees lead to happy clients. Our staff is our most precious asset. We work closely with each member of the team to help them grow both professionally and personally as well as to meet their goals for the future.

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Excellent Working Environment

We provide comfortable and spacious office spaces, focusing on creating a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere. Abundant team-building activities strengthen the harmonious relationships between employees. All these allow employees to work and grow more effectively in a professionally satisfying environment. Join us and you will find the ideal working environment.

Annual Leave

Abundant Holiday System We provide paid statutory holidays and flexible annual leave. Employees can accumulate and adjust annual leave based on seniority and performance. Additional holidays for important festivals. Make-up holidays and personal leave provided for special circumstances. Abundant holidays motivate employees to work harder. Join us and enjoy holiday benefits!

Flexible Working Hours

We implement a flexible working system that allows employees to freely arrange working hours based on personal circumstances while ensuring work efficiency. This humanized way of working not only improves quality of life, but also enhances work passion and makes employees feel respected.

Medical Insurance (with reference to the standards and requirements of different countries)

Comprehensive Medical Coverage The company provides extensive commercial medical plans for worry-free medical care for employees. The company fully bears the cost of medical insurance with zero employee contribution. Join us and get all-round protection for your health!

Career Development

We provide fair and just promotion opportunities where employees can get promotions through their own efforts. The company also evaluates employees' development potential and provides customized training to facilitate continuous growth. Here, you will obtain the platform and support to realize your self-worth and embark on a brilliant career path.

Excellent Corporate Culture

We advocate a corporate culture of teamwork and openness, encouraging frequent communication and mutual learning between employees. At the same time, we attach importance to work-life balance and organize a variety of fun staff activities, so that everyone can work together in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. This enhances mutual understanding and also makes work more fulfilling.

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Main Office 2 Kaki Bukit Ave 1,#03-06 , 417938

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    Founded in 2017, EZSVS JP is dedicated to providing end-to-end
    comprehensive data center lifecycle services for clients in the internet,
    OEM/ODM server manufacturing, and telecommunications sectors.
    We collaborate extensively with ecosystem partners,offering
    services related to infrastructure,supply chain,project implementation,
    IT operations, and cloud intelligence.

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    EZSVS is one of Singapore’s leading Internet Data Center (IDC) support service providers
    with various branches in over 60 countries, catering to customers requiring innovative IT
    solutions worldwide.

    With our combined 16 years in the industry and technical experience,
    EZSVS is able to provide our customers simple and hassle-free IT support and maintenance services.

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