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Efficient Equipment Collaboration, Business Acceleration!

Equipment integration services

Reliable Integration, Uninterrupted Operations!

Rely on our expertise in equipment integration for a seamless fusion of technologies, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimizing downtime.

Smart Integration for Smart Businesses!

Embrace the future of smart businesses with our intelligent equipment integration services, providing you with the tools to optimize operations and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and recycle assets
Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and recycle assets
One warehouse linked to multiple businesses
Business Categories
The value of EZSVS maintenance services
SLA - service level


1、Internet/commercial customers generally receive 3/5 years of after-sales maintenance, server troubleshooting and hardware replacement.

2、Temporary projects - server modification, server chip and hardware FW upgrade, computer room inspection, spare parts FA, etc.

Note*: The 4-hour on-site support level service is limited to specific cities. If the user is more than 40 kilometers away from Jinshi maintenance outlets, the response time for Jinshi maintenance engineers to arrive will be appropriately extended based on traffic conditions.

SLA - service level
Spare parts service capabilities

  • A global network of 40+ spare parts warehouses ensures a comprehensive inventory of IT and infrastructure components, guaranteeing the fulfillment of service requirements. We maintain a legitimate and reliable supply chain for spare parts, allowing for real-time adjustments to inventory levels based on project needs to ensure service quality.
  • Our multifunctional warehouses are interconnected, seamlessly integrating customer-owned spare parts with our own inventory. This enables efficient disassembly, modification, provisioning, and maintenance, achieving a one-click processing solution.
  • With 24/7 rapid logistics support, our operations include a combination of inspections and health assessments, allowing for proactive prediction and rational distribution of spare parts. Adhering to SLA requirements, we ensure timely delivery of the required spare parts to the customer's site.
Spare parts management

The material storage area in the spare parts warehouse must be clearly marked to separate good products from defective products and must be controlled and marked separately.

Based on actual warehouse working conditions Several areas are divided into: arrival area, Liangpin District, picking area, Return area, detection area, return area

Work order maintenance process
case analysis
Content of dismantling and replacement business
Allocation project link
SOP for server addition and deletion
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