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Customized Warehouse Management System

Realize timely and accurate inbound and outbound operations and real-time transparent inventory control operations. Resource control with different role permissions. Real time updates of warehouse data. Manageable configuration optimization manages warehouse resources, saves labor and inventory space, and reduces operating costs. Flexible support for collaborative efforts among multiple service providers. There are traces of data throughout the entire process.

User: System operator

Management objective: To activate service provider IDs, etc

User: Service Provider

Management objectives: receiving and feedback from upstream enterprises, arranging inventory reasonably, monitoring warehouse data, etc

User: Service Provider

Management objective: Mobile office and data collection

WMS system tools

WMS operation backend

Create a service provider ID and specify the service provider's super management.

Service Provider/Web

Support inbound and outbound operations, warehouse location management, warehouse receiving and dispatching capacity management, warehouse capacity warning, report query, etc

Service Provider/App

Support mobile operations such as shelving, picking, and quality inspection.

WMS system operation scenario

Scan code for inbound and outbound storage

When entering and exiting the warehouse, scan the SN information and proceed with the operation.

Incoming quality inspection

When entering the warehouse, perform quality inspection on incoming goods, such as server machine configuration testing and spare parts health testing

Inventory pre occupancy

When outbound, the outbound order specifies the batch, warehouse area, and other logic, which can pre occupy the specified inventory.

PN and SN information verification

When entering and exiting the warehouse, verify whether the PN material information is correct and verify whether the SN information is correct.

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