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  • Ezsvs facilitates global carbon neutrality through the recycling of IT equipment resources.

Ezsvs facilitates global carbon neutrality through the recycling of IT equipment resources.

  Maximize the value of second-hand equipment and reduce carbon emissions.

EZSVS is actively working towards promoting the recycling of IT equipment in various large enterprises, thereby contributing to global carbon neutrality.

1、What is the goal of EZSVS?

Achieving the recycling of IT equipment resources to reduce carbon emissions.

2、What is EZSVS doing?

Currently, in data centers of large enterprises globally, the lifespan of regularly decommissioned equipment is typically between 3 to 4 years, and these are well-maintained devices from reputable brands. Ezsvs reutilizes these IT devices through disassembly, reassembly, and other methods.

At the same time, Ezsvs is also establishing its own server brand, offering both newly assembled and second-hand servers to businesses and individuals.

Image: Servers awaiting reassembly

3、Where does EZSVS’s capability manifest?

EZSVS boasts its own production lines, with business coverage spanning over 100 countries and regions worldwide. It possesses a global supply chain ecosystem, distributed spare parts warehouses globally, and multiple production lines. Leveraging EZSVS’s proprietary adaptation capabilities, timely spare parts guarantee, bulk supply of second-hand components, and maintenance capabilities, the company can provide customized services globally based on customer demands. Additionally, EZSVS is equipped with global delivery and operation support as well as cloud service capabilities.

Image: Global Layout of Ezsvs

4、Where do EZSVS’s devices come from?

The devices come from large enterprise data centers globally, having been in use for 3-4 years and are regularly decommissioned. These devices must be in good condition, capable of normal operation, and are well-known brand products.

 Ezsvs can provide a warranty of up to five years based on the customer’s requirements.

Image: Servers in the process of disassembly

Image: Rigorous Health Testing

Image: Standardized Packaging Specifications

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